About the Conference

Human Resources and Social Transformation:

Work, Ethics and Digital Technology

The new world of work reconfigured by digital technology is the focus of the IX CiIIRH edition!

This year the International Conference on Human Resources Research and Intervention of the P.PORTO will gather on April 11th and 12th researchers and professionals to discuss the contemporary challenges of the work environment. At the centre of the debate will be the challenges that the work environment places on people, organizations and on professionals that deal in these settings.

What is the role of work? How do we work? How do we deal with work? How do we adapt the individual and organizational reality to these structural changes? What is the HR professional's role in this transformation?

The transformation of work is enormous, but we carry it with us - the support of the work is the nano-scale, the context is the cloud, the way is the interconnectivity and sustainability are in the big-data. This reality (already almost virtual!), from which nobody can ignore, requires management, ethical, psychosocial and political reflection.

The invitation is open to anyone interested in attending the conferences, lectures and workshops or to share their theses, essays and organisational projects with us through oral or poster communication.

Work is no longer a place, it is a mind-set!