Submission Rules

Conference languages
Portuguese, Spanish and English

All participants will be able to submit papers to be presented as oral communications or posters in the various thematic areas of the conference.

All abstracts accepted will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference on Research and Intervention in Human Resources (indexed to Google Scholar), with ISSN 2183-2455.

The participants with accepted communications will have several possibilities of publications (see menu Publishing Opportunities)


Author Guidelines
1. Submission guidelines
Authors can participate in the conference submitting either a Full Paper or just an Abstract.
For authors participating with a Full Paper:
 - Please see specific guidelines from each review here

For authors participating with only an Abstract:
Abstracts should have of 500 to 700 words and include 5 keywords.
Abstracts may be written in one of the following languages: English, Portuguese or Spanish.


2. Oral presentation guidelines
  a) The works selected for oral presentation will have a time of 15 (fifteen) minutes for presentation (it may be 20 minutes if the moderator considers that he has the time to manage).
  b) All presentations must obey the dates and times published on the event website.
  c) Oral presentations may be made in Portuguese, English or Spanish, according to the author's choice.
  d) The work must be submitted by one of the authors enrolled in the event.
  e) It is recommended that authors submitting papers be in session from the outset, because, in the event of absence of a presenter, the works in sequence will be anticipated.
  f) In the auditorium / room of the oral presentation will be installed the necessary equipment to carry out the presentation in Power Point (file format .ppt and .pptx).
  g) The presentation material should be delivered to the room coordinator in a USB flash drive, up to 10 (ten) minutes in advance. There will be a member of the Organizing Committee / Secretariat to receive and transfer the material to the computer from the auditoriums and presentation rooms. Even so, it is recommended that the person in charge have a thumb drive backup at the time of presentation.
  h) Presenters will receive a certificate through the event's website according to notes made by the room coordinator confirming who actually presented.

3. Guidelines for Poster presentation
- Size A0 (841 x 1189 mm)
- Vertical orientation
- Words visible at 1.5 m
- Preferably with diagrams / tables / pictures and little text (500 to 600 words).